MOST Platform

The platforms aim to solve a business demand to hire talented high-quality professionals but reduce expenses and time spent
searching for suitable candidates.


Based on skills, location, competencies, qualification, work experience, etc

Soft Skills

The platform based on AI mechanics access the student's soft skills


With verified information about candidates from the institution and career centers


Access to unlimited candidate profiles


To book appointments and interviews

How does it work?

School Contributes

  • Verified data about students
  • Rankings
  • Study info and assessments
  • Achievements
  • Specialization, expertise

Business contributes

  • Employment criteria, selection process data
  • Increase publicity

School receives

  • Big data analysis about graduates employment status
  • Feedback from businesses and companies that can be implemented to improve study programs
  • Institution employability ranking

The main beneficiary who receives the dream job and improves the quality of life!

  • Based on ongoing monitoring and AI, the platform suggests how to improve professional competencies, suggest a career path

Business receives

  • Candidate database
  • Reliable information about candidates
  • HR optimization (saving recourses, time)
  • Free recommendations and advice from professional HR managers

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