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MOST is a group of companies contributing to the development of entrepreneurship, increasing the profitability of client business and increasing the level of knowledge of our customers.

 Business School

We specialize in professions of the 21st century

Offline schools: Tallinn, Narva, Riga

Online school – global

SMM specialist / Diploma

Career Center

Entrepreneurship / Diploma

Digital marketer / Diploma

Language school

Perfect assistant / Diploma

Digital marketing agency

Increase your knowledge and learn valuable skills in Digital Marketing which can be successfully applied across your current role, assist you with a new role, or help you start your own business.

Our Mission and Goals


To give adults and children all over the world new opportunities and quality of life, teaching them modern professions of the 21st century.


Open a MOST school in every country in the world to bring together millions of professionals and open up unlimited opportunities for them.

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